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Greewnwich Kitchen is owned and run by Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency (GCDA)

Our Aims are:

  1. To develop enterprises, which meet economic and social needs and are co-operatively managed.

  2. To deliver training programmes and courses, which build the knowledge and skills of the community and partners we work with across the areas core to our aims; enterprise, health and the environment.

  3. To create community hubs – based on cafesfarms, allotments, marketplaces and training centres

  4. To promote healthy lifestyles to the whole population and particularly those experiencing health inequalities, so their physical and mental well-being is improved.

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GCDA provides training and education centred around cooking, these cover anything from how to start a food business to learning the necessary Knife skills to be able to work quickly and efficiently in a professional kitchen.  


GDCA also has Made in Greenwich Shop, that provides a place for local entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their work. Products available in our shop include jewellery, photography, candles, pottery, and food products such as dry spice rubs and drinking vinegars.  


We are also able to support local food businesses by inviting them to be part of RARE farmers market. This is a farmer’s market in the heart of Woolwich that showcases amazing local street food, baked goods, drinks and so much more. 


We are also promoting the Living Wage and encourage other employers to implement this great benefit and service to their staff. We believe that work should be the surest way out of poverty, and by getting paid the Living Wage, it will enrich society and promote fairness. Our Good Food In Greenwich Charter recognises and promotes this fairness in local businesses and encourages businesses and organisations who pledge to consider this and how to work towards it.


For more information about GCDA see our website

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